Global Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Education Programme


Toyota Mirai with teddy

Hydrogen and fuel cell products are ready now.

Hydrogen fuel cells will be an important part of the emerging low carbon, low emission energy and mobility system. See for example 

As with many new technologies, there is an urgent need to educate potential users so that they can make well-informed choices. 

Arcola Energy has been involved in hydrogen fuel cell education for over 10 years, delivering hands-on learning to more than 100,000 young people from Aberdeen to Abu Dhabi and Ireland to Indonesia.

In 2017 we initiated plans to scale this work worldwide. The programme is being developed with leaders in industry, government and education to deliver effective engagement with whole populations, achieved by demonstrating vehicles and in parallel engaging young people in hands-on activities to learn about hydrogen and fuel cells in a way which inspires everybody.

By 2020 we aim to be delivering the programme globally, providing hands-on activities supported by online and social media engagement, with reach into schools, homes, universities, workplaces and public events.

This website provides some background on previous activity, future plans and our esteemed partners. We welcome you to get involved.

Dr Ben Todd, CEO, Arcola Energy

Currently we offer several activities in variety of delivery formats –

Hydrogen Challenge – Our flagship “Design, Build, Race” team activity, challenging participants to build the most energy efficient model vehicle from LEGO components and a Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered electric motor.

Advanced Challenge – Taking the Hydrogen Challenge up a level, participating teams build a Remote-Controlled Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle from scratch, designing drive-train, steering, gearing, suspension & control interface.

Hydrogen Hack – Week-long Hack-a-thon style event, participants are challenged to upcycle an existing toy, item or device using craft-skills, programming and a portable hydrogen fuel cell power supply.

Festivals & Events – Our experience in delivering hands-on public engagement activities that use real Hydrogen and real Fuel Cells are second to none.

Additional in-house capabilities include –

Consultation – We can offer expert advice on including Hydrogen & Fuel Cells in education, outreach and engagement activities in an easy, reliable and safe way. Previous clients include Science Museum Group, UK Association of Science and Discovery Centres and Toyota GB.

Programme Development – We have over 5 years of experience developing workshops and lesson-plans for STEM organisations, schools and universities.

Equipment Production – With our team of Fuel Cell specialists and engineers we can spec and deliver proof-of-concept, prototypes and even routes to mass-production.