Global Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Education Programme


Building the H2FC Market
Supporting industry and government engagement
Rapid growth in the hydrogen and fuel cell market will be driven by industry, supported by government. Our education and engagement programme will work with and complement the activities of the key players, offering a platform for disseminating information, putting technology in the hands of young innovators and providing additional routes to reach a wide audience.

Future STEM Workforce
Inspiring a new generation, re-training the current workforce
From early school interventions inspiring interest in STEM, through curricular and extra-curricular activities for secondary and tertiary education, to practical training for fleet managers and mechanics we will inspire and support the growing new energy workforce.

Stronger markets, new markets
Strengthening existing markets, building new markets
Ten years of work has embedded us deeply in the vibrant science education community across the UK and internationally. Working with industry and education partners we will quickly grow our networks across Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea. There are many more exciting new possibilities outside the established hydrogen and fuel cell markets, not least in China, Indonesia and South Africa. Already we have partnerships in place for a flagship education programme around the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

Public Engagement with Hydrogen
From historic safety concerns to embracing the future
For too many people their impression of hydrogen is formed from the ‘pop’ experiment in chemistry class and images of the Hindenburg airship fire. Yet many of us rub-shoulders with hydrogen everyday –  being trucked around the country to supply hospitals, universities and an amazing array of industries. We believe that updating long-held views on hydrogen is best done through a combination of:

Together we will provide the public and politicians with the information and inspiration to embrace hydrogen and fuel cells as part of our clean energy future.