Global Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Education Programme


“The excitement of innovation starts with the young, and the demonstration that a clean fuel for cars and buses can be made by electrolysis, from just water and renewable energy is just the perfect way to inspire the engineers of the future.”
Graham Cooley, ITM Power

“It is vital that school pupils gain hands on experience of the latest technologies and the science involved, if they are to become the innovators of tomorrow creating future growth and jobs.”
Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor of London for Business and Enterprise

“I enjoyed the aspect that the fuel we were using will be used in real cars in the
“I learnt how a hydrogen fuel cell is able to power an electric motor and now understand how efficient the process is”  
“I enjoyed making the Lego construction for the race and most of all, I liked how it was powered by hydrogen”  
Participants in the London Schools Hydrogen Challenge

“The workshop was inspiring and allowed us to consider continuing in engineering in the future. Many of the girls now are looking forward to starting Chemistry lessons in the upcoming academic term because of this opportunity.”  
Teacher – London Schools Hydrogen Challenge

“I learned more about hydrogen and fossil fuels in general. I also learned about the benefits of using hydrogen.”
“I learned that there are new hydrogen buses getting installed in Aberdeen. I also learned how hydrogen is a better way of running transport as it can hold more energy, it is more efficient, and it is better for the environment.”
“The workshop taught me that hydrogen plays a massive part in Aberdeen industries like the bus industry”
Participants in the Aberdeen Schools Hydrogen Challenge

“In my view the Hydrogen Challenge is the most effective hands-on activity for teaching young people about the importance of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells”
Alternative Fuels Representative – Toyota

“With such a focus on the ‘digital’ in our profession it’s really wonderful to see a STEM workshop like this, finally, a way to make learning about fuel cells, hydrogen, engineering and energy efficiency into a fun tactile activity.”
STEMUK Representative

“The Hydrogen Challenge really is a ‘one of a kind’, the fact that 10 years olds are seeing similar results to mechanical engineering undergraduates really speaks to this workshop’s flexibility and inclusivity no matter the participants age or academic level”
UCL Mechanical Engineering Senior Lecturer

“It’s like a mini Eco-Marathon in 2-hours? That’s awesome!”
UCL Undergraduate Participant

“Education programs like this should be appreciated because this is important for the future of the nation and the world … The impression is trivial, they are learning by doing. It looks like playing Lego but the meaning behind it is extraordinary because what these children do is aimed at maintaining the future of the world”
Alex Noerdin, Governor South Sumatra

“We hope after this workshop, (this school) can be the center of excellence pioneering students who always prioritize green worth.”
Dodi Reza Alex, Regent of Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatera

“In the future, renewable energy will become a foundation and emissions will continue to be reduced. For this reason, the younger generation needs to be educated early on by introducing hydrogen that will become the future of the world. I was very surprised, because of the thousands of students involved, the ability of South Sumatra students in this competition was beyond expectations.”
Noegroho Widiyantoro, Managing Director of PT. Serba Dinamik Indonesia

“Students were highly engaged and got a lot out of participating especially in seeing a real-life application of the science they are learning.”
Mhairi Stewart – Teacher – The City Academy Hackney

“Students were very enthusiastic, resilient and above all they enjoyed every minute of the event. It was a great pleasure to see kids from a wide range of secondary schools working together and competing against one another for the greatest distance. They did not give up especially when the hydrogen car failed at the first trial. They listened to one another, argued with one another but despite all this were able to achieve a common goal.
Activities of this nature are a welcome in schools and would be great if they could be used with pupils in the lower year (7 and 8). This will encourage the students and develop their How Science Works and Thinking skills. It could also trigger an interest to pursue careers in engineering or the STEM subjects very early in life.”
Ayodele Oshilaja – Teacher – Harris City Academy, Crystal Palace

“I was going to suggest specifying a year group for which the teams must come from but actually our S3 Chemistry pupils found it quite satisfying that they were the youngest team and managed to come second to an S4 Engineering Science class.
Brilliant relevance to our Eco Schools programme and funded by the money we made participating in the Rag Bag recycling scheme.  Sustainable Education at its best!”
Teacher – Hazlehead School Aberdeen

“Pupils were engaged and they found out something from someone who understood what they were talking about, not a teacher. Engaged even some of our disaffected pupils”
Teacher – Northfield School Aberdeen