Global Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Education Programme



Through 2018 we delivered an education programme at Jakabaring Sports City, and in schools across South Sumatra and Java for the Asian Games 2018. The Programme is supported by Imperial College London, a world top ten University and global leader in clean energy technologies. The programme is sponsored by Serba Dinamik. It was initiated in the partnership by the government of South Sumatra in 2016.

The Schools Hydrogen Challenge is a hands-on “design, build, race” style workshop. Participants use custom-designed Lego kits and miniature hydrogen fuel cells to create the most energy efficient vehicle possible. It is a great way to engage not only young people and teachers, but also government and industry decision-makers.


Palembang – SMAN Sumsel – 15th August


Sekayu – SMAN 2 & SMPN6 – 16th August


Palembang – SMAN Sumsel – 16th August


Palembang – Griya Agung – Independence Day Showcase


Jakabaring Sports City – Asian Games VIP & Athlete Transport


Jakarta – Universitas Indonesia 20th August


Jakarta – Universitas Indonesia 21st August


Bandung – Institut Teknologi Bandung 23rd


Bandung – Institut Teknologi Bandung 24th


Yogyakarta 27th


Surakarta (Solo) 28th


Yogyakarta 29th


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