Global Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Education Programme

Who We Are

Dr Ben Todd, CEO
Ben has an Engineering PhD from Cambridge, working on the Rolls Royce solid oxide fuel cell. He founded Arcola Energy with the aim of bridging the gap between new technologies being developed and then being used in the real world. He has a deep knowledge of the fuel cell industry and technology having worked in the sector for nearly 2 decades.

Dr Richard Kemp-Harper, Strategy Director
Richard has experience in development and implementation of innovation strategies at national and sector levels, including leading the UK funding programmes for hydrogen and fuel cells for InnovateUK. He brings knowledge and connections in both transport and energy sectors and leads on business and partnership development across all areas of our work. He has a Chemistry degree and D.Phil from Oxford University in new techniques for medical imaging and is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Arlan Harris, Head of Education
Arlan has been with the company since 2012, building a career focused around an imaginative and inclusive approach to STEM education. Arlan has lead facilitation of all our regional and international Hydrogen Challenges and Science Festival deliveries to date, whilst also project managing, heading up development of educational workshops/content, training facilitators, designing and producing workshop equipment, handling budgets, funding, procurement, purchasing and inventory, writing copy and designing everything from this website to Raspberry Pi Robots.